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IN THE WILD offer up expertise & guidance for bespoke wildlife-adventure travel to remote wilderness destinations
Your expedition starts here… and it is high time we introduced ourselves!

why not take a little inspiration from some of our favorite experiences in the big wide open spaces!

Strike out on foot

Following an expert guide on a dawn walking safari is an unforgettable experience, not to be missed! You will engage all of your senses soaking up the sites, sounds and smells of the savannah without the rumble of a diesel engine beneath you (but perhaps the rumble of a herd of elephants around you).

A wildlife encounter leaves an utterly different impression from this perspective; you will have the opportunity to appreciate the finer details of the bird song, the plants and the tracks and signs (the very small and the extremely large!).

Spotting Leopards

Highly adaptable and, at times, frustratingly elusive we will send you off in search of your first glimpse of a leopard.
These cats are as powerful as they are beautiful, it took us over a year in the bush to get our first sighting and it was wholly worth the wait!
The “splash colouration” is incredibly effective camouflage; in essence one doesn’t spot a leopard rather the leopard allows itself to be seen. Good luck!

Fly Camping

Let’s take the adventure away from the comforts of a lodge for a night and we’ll set up our “fly camp” out in the sticks!
It’s a lightweight, home away from home that will offer you all the necessities that one can’t go without and certain ceremonies that need standing on, whatever the circumstances! With a campfire crackling nearby you will head to a bed with only a fine mosquito netting between you and the stars, a truly uninhibited wilderness experience.
If you’re in search of table conversation then do this, you will be dining out on it for years to come.

Meet the neighbours

On being introduced one can’t help but remark (all be it very quietly and under your breath) that the Chimpanzees are strikingly larger than you had expected. More besides they are unimaginably agile, moving effortlessly through the forest in which you have yourself been so hopelessly tangled up during the trek!

We share some 94% of our DNA, you’ve heard this before and it means very little to you now but we can assure you it will blow your mind once you get there. Each encounter is utterly different. There can be touching moments of peace, ingenious displays of industry and breathtaking incidents of fierce excitement.

Cocktails with a view

Take a moment, listen to the sounds of the bush and allow them mingle with the clinking of the ice cubes in your gin n tonic. When was the last time you stopped to watch the sun go down?

This is a wonderful safari tradition and it is your duty to uphold it.


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