“There is something about safari life that makes you forget all your sorrows and feel as if you had drunk half a bottle of champagne — bubbling over with heartfelt gratitude for being alive.”

Karen Blixen


In The Wild offer up expertise and guidance for bespoke wildlife-adventure travel to remote wilderness destinations.

We came into this as guides and, above all else, we love nothing more than sharing in the expedition, from the preparations to the journey home. Thus much (although not all) of our focus is in designing tailored itineraries for groups and families that we will personally guide as individuals or together as a team.We offer up completely independent advice on your destination, experience and accommodation choices. We partner with multiple, high standard operators and ground handlers giving us access to an extraordinarily broad spectrum of expertise while ensuring the services we recommend continue to meet our expectations of excellence!

We will tell you if we don’t know the answer to your question and get back to you when we’ve found it out!The areas that we will explore together are unimaginably diverse in their landscapes, wildlife, cultures and more besides. In stark contrast to this variety we find the one thing they all have in common. They are all, without exception, under threat of destruction through the plethora of pressures our developing world so persistently exerts. Amongst many others: habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, unprecedented population growth and the depletion of traditional ways of life all have their part to play in this.

We only use and recommend organisations that pay more than just lip service to the conservation, community development challenges and responsibilities that need to be faced. We work with people and facilities that we have visited and explored before to guarantee that what we’re booking is not only ethically sound but that positive impact of your tourism is being fully realised.

In The Wild support a list of organisations that we know and celebrate for their outstanding contribution to the areas and peoples that we dearly love. For those interested you will find links and short descriptions of each of these on our “friends” page. If you have any further questions about these then please shout, we would be delighted if you would like to contribute and look forward to helping you with this process


The “In The Wild” concept was formed during an uncharacteristic quiet spell in an iconic lodge just south of the Mara River in the northern most reaches of the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

You are familiar with the place, I’m sure.

Where Sir David Attenborough is always harping on about all those unfortunate wildebeest and their uncontrollable desires to drown and/or get eaten by enormous crocodiles. Got it? Excellent then let’s continue…

Nic Kershaw and Jana Arnhold the then managers of this lodge were busying themselves with preparations for an expedition into Uganda and having, not their first, all important “what on earth are we going to do to follow this?” discussion. The discussion concluded, somewhat unusually, with an agreement at its’ core. The belief that Africa’s big wide-open spaces and the enormous diversity of life to be found therein hold a value and splendour that goes far beyond our “Western” understanding. Through authentic wilderness experiences we had gained meaning, purpose, peace and happiness in the most unlikely locations and outlandish situations. We needed to deliver this for other people.


All the elements of a wonderful safari – the beautiful lodges, stunning vistas, breathtaking wildlife encounters and wonderful people will be developed, enhanced and ensured by your guide.

If the budget permits then we will always recommend you choose a privately guided safari. After designing a thrilling itinerary together we will accompany your group on the entire tour developing each experience to specifically appeal to your individual interests. In each lodge you will have a private vehicle and complete flexibility in planning the days experiences.

Bringing continuity in quality from country to country, park to reserve and camp to lodge. We will manage the entire trip, sharing knowledge, experience and fun on every step of the journey while prioritising your comfort and safety throughout.

For those that choose to go it alone, as such, we will be careful to only recommend the lodges and companies where we are familiar and impressed with the standard of local guides and the regular training that they are given. It isn’t always possible to book an individual that we know in advance but where we can, we will.

Nic Kershaw
Expedition Leader/ Safari Specialist

An explorer at heart, Nic is at his most animated when speaking about his next adventure out in the wilds. His good humour and infectious passion combine with an encyclopedic knowledge when it comes to planning your expedition and guiding you through the bush. Get in touch with him today!

Jana Arnhold
Photographer / Nature Lover / Guide

Our Artist in residence, Jana has captured stunning images in some of the worlds most impressing wilderness destinations.
Almost all of the Photographs of this site were handpicked from her own portfolio. Jana is a specialist photographic guide with a keen interest in authentic cultural experiences and family safaris