Right without further ado it’s high time we got started. You may have been researching this trip for years already; it may have only just crossed your mind. Either way we need to get a little detail down and arrange a chat. We have a contact form with a set of questions and a spot for you to elaborate on this. We understand what it is like out there in civilization, we recall it all to well, but even though you are strapped for time please try and clarify the following now:


An approximate budget per person for your adventure


The window of dates in which you want or need to travel and any flexibility you may or may not have with this.


Any specific locations that have sparked your interest.


The kind of activities and experiences that you would love to include.

Your Group

The number of people travelling in your group.

It's about you

A little more about your self, who are you? What are you into?


A brief note about the money, we know it’s dreadful stuff but it’s worth mentioning here and now.

Planning & booking

An adventure in Africa can be a very expensive business indeed, with that in mind it is of the utmost importance that we take care when it comes to the cost of your trip.

We add no charge for our services in the planning and booking process, instead we are paid a modest commission by the lodges and service providers that we recommend and use. The prices we charge will be the same or even lower than if you were to book each lodge, flight or transfer directly. We’re free, we’re informed and we are great fun to work with – get in touch!

Guiding Fees

Our guiding fees vary with destination and length of trip. We will quote and agree these together at the beginning of the process.

Although we plan, book and guide safaris for a wide range of budgets, these all sit within the medium to high end of the spectrum. This is where our experience lies, we did not run, guide for or live in low budget lodges and one must always play to one’s strengths!

Tailormade Adventures

We need to start with a figure to work towards and this must be one that you are comfortable with. Many of our destinations are seasonal and come with low and high season prices while the length of time you want to spend will also clearly impact the end cost. Therefore our date window is the next item on the agenda of discussion. 

From this point on we can talk about areas in which you can save on the cost without jeopardising the experience as well as those areas in which we think you may want to consider “a splurge”.