Getting the word about town – an expedition somewhat out of my comfort zone!

I have recently returned from a tour of the USA where I had been gallivanting about the country promoting In The Wild’s “tailor made adventures” with much shenanigans and more malarkey!

I kept a little journal of the trip and will share this with y’all over the next few weeks. I hope this will introduce the concept better and share a little fun, I’m sorry it isn’t happening in real time my act was not quite together on the social media front while travelling!

If you are in the US and interested in getting together, then don’t hesitate drop me an email on This trip was stacked with appointments and we are intending to follow with a second visit in autumn (which is what we call “Fall” in English!) and we can begin scheduling for those future dates straight away. I’m pretty versatile when it comes to delivery and will happily speak after dinner, over coffee, over drinks or breakfast; I do weddings, Bar Mitzvah, schools, and working men’s clubs, the list goes on.

If you have an acoustic guitar I’ll even play you a campfire song for my big finish!

23rd February 2016 – Munich, Germany

Today, Jana dropped me off at a Bavarian bus station, bathed in morning sunshine that seemed to herald the promise of an early spring. We had better not count these chickens just yet though my dears – it’s only February.

2016-02-26 13.49.40

I’m flying out to New York City this morning and embarking on a four-week tour of the USA, giving east African destination presentations and speaking on conservation and community development issues to our network of friends, guests and organisations across the pond.


I’m filled with excitement for the journey ahead, I’ll visit some eight states in coming weeks including New York, Florida, California and Washington – it’s been two months in the planning and promises to be a heck of a trip! This is our first PR trip for In The Wild and it represents the beginnings of a key element in our “face to face” marketing strategy.  There is such a huge amount of information to cover when planning and discussing safari expeditions and you cannot beat a personal meeting to get the ball rolling and begin tailoring your bespoke adventure.


I have to admit to a certain amount of trepidation creeping amongst all these positive thoughts. I’ve never been much of a city person and have a strong tendency to get hopelessly lost on public transport systems! Jana has had wobbly eyebrows every time I’ve added another event to this schedule, she knows all to well my metropolitan orienteering skills or rather my complete lack thereof. We’ve been in Munich for several months now and to coin an important British phrase, “I still don’t know my arse from my elbow”.


So friends, consider this the first of several updates that I will check in with over the next few weeks. It’s unlikely to offer up much wildlife viewing but will get us off to a start and I’m sure we can find an excuse to punctuate some of these with a fluffy animal or two – I’ll see what I can do to make a connection.

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  1. Ravi Brammer
    April 23, 2016, 4:22 pm

    If you’re in south Florida let me know.

    • nickershaw
      April 27, 2016, 8:46 am

      I will certainly do that Ravi, great to hear from you!!

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