There’s Life in the Old Blog Yet

To our dear friends out there in cyberspace, I trust this finds you all hale and hearty?

It’s been too long indeed and this has been a matter of hot debate in our rather mobile household. Particularly so, when approaching the topic of resuscitating this blog. I was of the opinion we could just get cracking with a yarn or two from out in the sticks accompanied by a jaunty picture of me in my khakis. Jana, however, felt our outrageously long absence required, at the very least, some acknowledgement. Even if we are found wanting when it comes to an assortment of believable explanations.

Naturally, we agreed she had this correct. So here we both are, thumbing the brims of our battered safari hats, groveling on your social media doorstep and cordially inviting you to join us, once again, In The Wild. Consider this our “catch up montage”, our “previously on” sequence, the bit that allows you to quickly gather up the threads of what on earth has been happening in Game of Thrones. Incidentally, every time I catch an episode of this show I feel a deep, heartfelt, gratitude that I don’t have to watch it with my mother. The awkwardness would literally kill me.

Regardless of the aforementioned radio silence, Jana and I are both alive and kicking. In The Wild has been flourishing and we have been overjoyed with our guests returning home with big smiles and stories of Africa over the recent months.

Typically unwilling to be omitted from the adventures (Jana & I both suffer an acute Fear OMissing Out), we have certainly covered some ground ourselves on expedition this year. We’ve enjoyed mountains in Tanzania, camels in Kenya, canoes in Botswana and so much more besides. Needless to say we feel extremely fortunate to be doing what we love in such remarkable places.
We are about embark on a journey of a different kind and will head on a promotional tour of the USA in October and Europe in November. We would love to include you all in this, come and visit, catch up and perhaps meet any friends or family that you think may be interested in hearing a tall tale or two from out in the African bush. It’s going to be especially fun as we will be traveling together this time!
Let me acknowledge here that the help we have received in promoting In The Wild, through the kind words and introductions that friends and guests have so generously given, has made an enormous difference to how we have developed in the last eighteen months. We could not have achieved all that we have without this and we would like to ask your continued help in spreading the word in support of us two bushwhackers and our wonderful venture.
We cannot thank you all enough for the trust, support and kindness you have shown us. It’s been a tremendous experience for us both so far and we look forward to the future of In The Wild with intense excitement for the journeys to come.

With love from

Nic & Jana

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